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"I have a REAL problem when it comes to your jewelry. I can't stop buying! I love how functional, classy, and versatile it is."

- M.T.

Meet Megan-Marie

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Preview Megan-Marie's hand-designed and hand-assembled chains from the Althea Collection below. She has combined old-school techniques and craftsmanship with modern luxury design to create original, everyday pieces that will last generations.

Customize the length and clasp of your very own necklace, bracelet, or anklet with these one-of-a-kind chains. Stay tuned, and follow along as Megan-Marie releases more designs that suit everyone throughout this next season!

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"Addicted! I bought another chain... and I already know the next one I'm getting after that one!"

- J.B.

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"Yes! Love love love. So beautiful. Patiently waiting for your next release!"

- C.S.

Connecting Past, Present, and Future

Megan-Marie handcrafts all her pieces in NYC using traditional methods like lost-wax casting and goldsmithing. In keeping with modern times, however, her pieces are inspired by "down-to-earth luxury", and are intentionally designed for day-to-day garnishing and layering.

Her favorite thing about jewelry is the story and sentimental value it builds over time. Golden heirlooms for your children's children to make memories in is a magical form of transcending connection.

In an effort to minimize waste and maximize wear, Megan-Marie works with solid 14k gold and designs pieces to last lifetimes.


"I love how this every day piece always makes me feel put together."

- J.L.

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