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Nesis Chain

Nesis Chain

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The Nesis Chain is short for the inspired mythological deity, Dionysus (Dio-nee-sis). Dionysus is an Olympian god of wine, pleasure, festivity, and wild frenzy, which is only fitting for the confetti-like essence of this chain. In this world, we only have so much time to experience it fully. So this beautiful, flickering chain represents the wild abandon, joy, love and connection we deserve to feel in all stages of life. Let it be a reminder to celebrate and live lightly.

All handmade chains in the Althea Collection can be worn by women and men alike, and are individualized by length, for wearing as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. The links were hand-designed and will be individually assembled for you in 14k yellow gold (unless otherwise discussed). Assembly will be as close as possible to your requested length.

Schedule a chain consultation to view chains, determine length, ask questions, or discuss other gold options.


All jewelry is made-to-order for you by Megan-Marie. Kindly allow 1-3 weeks for production.


For styles and variations not listed (karat weight, color gold, sizes, natural vs. lab diamonds, etc.), please inquire here.


What is my jewelry made with?

Your jewelry is always created in recycled solid 14k gold. (For more details on the difference between gold karats, see below under title What's the difference between 10k, 14k, 18k, 24k gold?).

All designs that include diamonds are made from quality lab grown diamonds. You can expect your diamonds to be, at a minimum, of VS2-SI1 clarity (which means you won't see inclusions with your naked eye), and E-G color (which means they are colorless or near colorless). These are intentionally selected for elevated shine, longevity, and affordability.

What's the difference between 10k, 14k, 18k, 24k gold?

The karats - not to be confused with carats used for gemstone weight - represent the proportion of gold in a mixture of metals (like silver, copper, nickel, iron, zinc, tin, manganese, cadmium, and titanium). The higher the karat, the more gold it has, proportionally. 24k is 100% gold without any other metals mixed in. Because gold is quite soft in nature, it will scratch very easily at high percentages. This is why 14k, which is 58.3% gold, is often used. The proportions of gold to other metals makes it more resilient to scratching, without losing much of the beautiful golden hue. 18k gold, which is 75% gold, has a more golden hue, is softer, and relatively more pricy. 10k is 41% gold and is harder, more yellow than golden, and more budget friendly. While it might do the trick, I do not offer 10k gold. Inquiries for a different karat gold is always welcomed here.

Why real gold over fillers or plating?

While real gold is indeed more expensive, it is built to last. Gold fillers and gold plating are made using a tiny fraction of gold alongside cheaper metals, which tend to lose color, tarnish, produce allergic reactions, or leave green residue on your skin. Those options lead to more waste and pollution, which is not great for the environment. With real gold, the cost of your jewelry will become nominal after decades of ownership, and, because gold exists on earth in finite amounts, its value will rise over time. Lastly, gold can be melted and reused, which is a great way to honor circular design and keep your investment and be mindful of the environmental impact. In other words, it's worth it!

Do you sell your jewelry in Rose Gold, White Gold or Sterling Silver?

While all my product listings are presented in yellow gold, your jewelry can often be made in rose gold or white gold. Sterling silver is not a primary metal I use at this time, but feel free to inquire here for sterling silver, as well as for rose gold or white gold.

What color gold should I get?

If you don't have a gold preference, I recommend finding out your skin's natural undertone by going to reputable makeup stores and asking the staff what yours is. Warm undertones tend to do well with yellow gold or rose gold. Rose gold will especially do well when undertones are warm and dark or golden. White gold tends to compliment cooler skin tones. If you're more neutral, you likely can wear all three!

How do I determine my ring size?

To accurately find out your ring size, I recommend you go to a local jeweler and size each finger you want rings for. It is common your dominant hand may be slightly different from your non-dominant hand, so be sure to size each side and write it down somewhere! Another option would be to buy a simple sizer for yourself, such as this one here. When sizing yourself, the ring should be tight enough such that it doesn't slide over your middle knuckle too easily. Should take a little wiggling to get it on or off. When it is on, it should be loose enough to move around a little. Test a few sizes, at different times of days too, as fingers may swell throughout the course of a day, and pick the size that feels right for you.

Can I shower with my jewelry?

Yes! You can wear your jewelry in the shower and even in steam rooms (be mindful that the metal gets hot on skin, though). You can also sweat in your jewelry. Salt water can be corrosive over time to the metals typically mixed with 14k gold, especially so with rose gold, so be mindful of how often you swim in salt water. If swimming in salt water, rinse and/or gently clean your jewelry soon after.

When should I take my jewelry off?

For longevity of your jewelry, consider taking your jewelry off whenever it could be exposed to chemicals like cleaning products or chlorine. Additionally, while 14k gold is resilient, be mindful of what activities you engage in while wearing your jewelry (e.g. gripping a heavy weight with rings, or aerial yoga with necklaces, etc).

How do I find the perfect length handmade chain from your Althea Collection?

I recommend scheduling a free virtual consultation with me here to identify which chain and length will suit your body, and desires, best. Different chain designs may warrant slightly different lengths. With that said, here are some starting self-sizing tips:

Necklace: Find an existing necklace you own and remove any pendants weighing it down. Place it around your neck at different lengths until you find the length you like. If one necklace alone is too short, attach a second to it. Once you find the length you like, measure it using a tape measure and request that.
Bracelet: Find an existing necklace (or bracelet) you own and place it around your wrist at different lengths until you find the length you like. I recommend it to be loose, but just short enough so it doesn't hit your palm. This will allow you to bear weight on the hand without issue (e.g. yoga pushups!). Once you find the length you like, measure it using a tape measure and request that length.
Anklet: Find an existing necklace you own and remove any pendants weighing it down. Place it around your ankle and make sure you can fully squat (or kneel with your toes tucked under). This assures the chain won't interfere with walking. Once you find the length you like, measure it using a tape measure and request that length.

Will my jewelry go out of style?

I strategically design pieces that are meant to look timeless yet current. In other words, your jewelry is intended to last for decades without losing allure or appeal. While gold trends may favor different gold colors (i.e. yellow, rose, white, etc.) it is recommended to choose a metal that best matches your natural undertones, as this is often the most flattering metal for YOU. Flattery trumps trends, after all. See more details above on determining your undertones, under title What Color Gold Should I Get?

How long will my jewelry last?

With mindful wearing and good care, your jewelry can last generations! Make memories when wearing your pieces and share the stories as you hand them down to someone special (if you so choose!). There are few things that can be handed down in this way, which is a big reason why I began crafting jewelry in the first place.

How can I best preserve my jewelry?

While your jewelry can be resilient and worn most of the time, to keep it in top shape for years to come, it is recommended you remove your jewelry any time it might be subjected to scratching or chemical exposure. Additionally, avoid spraying perfume directly on your gold. When storing your jewelry, place it in a soft pouch and in a cool, dry environment.

Can I clean my jewelry myself?

While you may drop off your jewelry for cleaning at a reputable and trustworthy jeweler, you may also use a soft bristle toothbrush with detergent-free soap and warm water to clean it. Gently scrub away oils and residue with the brush, rinse off, and lay to dry.

Does gold scratch?

Gold, like many metals, can indeed scratch against hard surfaces, especially in higher karats. It is possible to get your items re-polished, but be mindful that polishing takes off surface metal each time so it is best to remove jewelry when it might be at risk for deep scratches.

Do you offer resizing or polishing?

If you would like a Megan-Marie item re-polished, there is a $55 fee + $15 per additional item. Please allow 1-2 weeks between shipping for this service. For resizing, please inquire with me hereThis may also be accomplished at a reputable and trustworthy jeweler near you.

Can I make exchanges or returns?

All orders are made-to-order for you and cannot be refunded. If you have issues with your jewelry, however, do not hesitate to reach out to me here within 14 days of delivery. I will do my absolute best to provide you with a product you love.

For other questions, please contact me here.



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