Megan-Marie is a healthcare provider and philanthropic jewelry designer. Take a look below to learn more about her through her jewelry inspiration, mission, and professional life as a women's health clinician.

Her Jewelry

Jewelry Inspiration

Megan-Marie's jewelry is designed intentionally for every day luxury.

She believes we are all innately beautiful and our jewelry is meant to enhance that beauty, not steal from it.

With that, her styles are strategically minimalistic, timeless, and layer-able so you can feel empowered over your purchases. Everything she makes is in solid recycled 14k gold, and uses real lab-grown diamonds for longevity and sustainability (and sweaty workouts!).

As such, purchases of her fine jewelry will last years, even decades, over fast-fashion jewelry, and they will provide greater value, meaning, and philanthropic benefits.




Megan-Marie's mission is to raise funds and bring awareness to honorable causes through mindfully designed luxury jewelry.

She is currently leveraging her design creativity, her doctoral Musculoskeletal expertise and Functional Medicine education, as well as her beautifully growing network of medical and fitness peers to educate, empower, and serve Women's Health research around the world.




Megan-Marie's vision is to be the brand that connects luxury with philanthropy, by teaming up with individuals and organizations, and collaborating on jewelry that gives back to their respective causes.

Her goal is to collaborate with hundreds of organizations and individuals in the next several years and to raise more funds and awareness to meaningful causes than each year prior.


Her "why"

Health and Wellness

Dr. Megan-Marie is deeply passionate about living her most vital life and empowering others to do so too. She believes that doing meaningful work, being creative, moving her body, giving back, and connecting authentically are foundational components to a long, well-lived life.

So, alongside creating jewelry that gives back, she also continues to practice virtually with clients each week, by providing integrated musculoskeletal and brain-body services. She strategically leads clients towards achieving their most vital, resilient selves.