About Megan-Marie

Following selling out her limited edition pieces, such as the Spear Ring, from her exclusive “Spearhead Collection” in the Fall of 2021, New York City based, gold jewelry artist Megan-Marie is introducing the first six pieces of her new luxury 14k solid gold chain collection, the “Althea Collection”. 

“Every chain in this collection was handcrafted by me, which really separates them from the generic designs we see in stores and online. The part that I love most, though, is that these chains are made to be individualized and flatter your unique body and style. Whether it’s a chunky bracelet, short necklace, or shiny anklet, I believe everyone can feel incredible wearing these unique, timeless chains. And I’ve got more coming! ”

“The Helios chain is just one of many styles included in the Althea Collection. It was inspired by the mythological Greek god Helios, the god and personification of the sun. The chain’s organic texture is meant to resemble the glistening Mediterranean sea on a sunny day, and, when assembled, forms a clean, modern line. My intention was for it to feel ethereal and luxurious yet casual and comfortable. Whenever I am designing, I am looking for that perfect balance between unique, modern, and timeless elements so you can be sure to love your chains for decades to come.”

Every woman is shaped differently, which makes finding the perfect piece of jewelry difficult in a standardized, mass-production oriented world. 

“I wanted to shake things up by showcasing traditional craftsmanship techniques alongside modern luxury designs, resulting in original, everyday pieces that fit your body.”

In an effort to minimize waste and maximize wear, Megan-Marie works with 14k solid gold and designs all her pieces to last lifetimes.

“I want to help you discover how to highlight your natural features using beautiful gold chains. This is why I offer free virtual consultations for prospective chain owners. We go over all the chain styles, what size would work best for you, as well as discuss which color gold might be best with your skin’s undertones. Once you decide on your style, length, and clasp, each piece is made-to-order and assembled by hand. Because each link is different, it means no chain is ever the same, even if someone else orders the same exact style. Your chain will be one-of-a-kind.”

Whether you are looking for a new piece of jewelry to wrap around your ankle, wrist or neck, or all three, the length of each piece is perfectly selected to suit your personality, your style, and your natural features. That is what truly makes Megan-Marie’s ever growing Althea Collection incredibly unique.

Most jewelry is now designed for generic mass production, using computer design software. Megan-Marie adheres to traditional fabrication and lost-wax casting techniques which have become less common, especially when creating chains. In other words, everything Megan-Marie makes is made by hand, including working with the gold, and using special hard wax.

“Wax techniques are like fingerprints for an artist who uses them. No one could reproduce my chains because I own the original designs and vision. Think about how a candle will melt down under the heat of its flame. The shape of the melted wax is natural, real, and beautifully unique. Computer designs can never be organic in this way, even if computers can copy an image perfectly. Simply put, computers will never be candles. LOL.”

Megan-Marie is a gold jewelry artist and a Doctor in Physical Therapy by degree. She is a first generation American woman originally from the quiet suburbs of Boston. While she loved playing sports, her love for jewelry started young and evolved into a passion when she was yearning for a creative outlet in her mid-twenties. 

From watching instructional YouTube videos late at night to taking beginner metalsmith classes in San Francisco, and now fabricating at a bench in New York City, she handcrafts all her jewelry and designs. She likes to describe each experience, from making jewelry to wearing it, as adding a little garnish to life.

“What I love best about jewelry is the story and sentimental value it builds over time. You leave golden heirlooms for your children and children’s children. Jewelry hold memories in a magical form that transcends human connections and experiences.”