Ares Chain

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The Ares Chain was inspired by the mythological Greek Olympian God, Ares. He was the God of war, battle-lust, courage and civil order. Like many, I have experienced seasons in life where my needs and wants warranted fighting for and honoring. The most beautifully turbulent times, where morality and peace were my destination. As such, I designed the Ares Chain to be bold and powerful with its rectangular shape, yet light and smooth with its open center. Together, this chain embodies an openness founded on unwavering strength and courage.

All handmade chains in the Althea Collection can be worn by women and men alike, and are individualized by length, for wearing as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. The links were hand-designed and will be individually assembled for you in 14k yellow gold (unless otherwise discussed). Assembly will be as close as possible to your requested length.

Schedule a free chain consultation to view chains, determine length, ask questions, or discuss other gold colors and options.

All chains are handmade-to-order for you. Kindly allow 2-4 weeks for production. Pay-over-time options are available.