Patrice Loops

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As a lover of loop earrings, it's a bit of a surprise how long it's taken me to design a pair for myself! Call it perfectionistic procrastination. These gorgeous earrings were designed very intentionally to be casual enough for baseball caps, and classy enough for formal events. 

They are subtly textured in the front and glossed in the back for a dynamic, balanced look. Though they are post earrings, the backs rise high enough behind the earlobes to mimic full loops. This makes for easy placing and removing. The Patrice Loops are made to match perfectly with the Patrice Ring.

Made-to-order as a pair in solid 14k yellow gold, each measuring approximately 3.5cm tall by 2cm wide.

Hand designed. Made from sustainably sourced gold. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production.