I'm Dr. Megan-Marie

Doctor in Physical Therapy + Jewelry Designer

I'm a practicing Doctor in Physical Therapy, functional medicine clinician, and philanthropic fine jewelry designer.

I work privately with clients each week while spending my free time expanding my jewelry partnerships, and, most importantly, striding towards my healthiest self. I help others do the same through one-on-one services, and through designing sweat-safe jewelry that gives back.



To work together on full body health, see my healthcare website for services in Jersey City or virtually:

  • Orthopedic & Pelvic Physical Therapy
  • Functional Med & Health Coaching
  • Mobility & Yin Yoga
  • Strength & Manual Recovery

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Jewelry You Can Sweat In

I design high quality, sustainable jewelry that you can sweat in. As a healthcare provider, sweat lover, and minimalist, my pieces are intentionally simple, timeless, and made of solid 14k gold and real diamonds.

A portion of your purchases are donated to women's health research initiatives, so you can feel good about the jewelry you wear.

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Jewelry That Gives Back

Let's Collaborate

Are you looking to raise funds? I partner with various organizations, companies, and groups with honorable missions. Together, we collaborate on new or existing jewelry designs that others may purchase to wear and contribute to your initiative.

Because, sometimes, the best way to raise funds for what matters to you, is to offer things others already love to buy.

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Quality Supplements

View my HIPAA compliant and medical-grade nutraceutical (supplement) shop. Create an account to shop, get discounts, track products, and set up auto-shipping for your own quality nutraceuticals.

Please note, consuming supplementation is at your own risk. It is recommended you do your research, seek support from an informed clinician and/or primary healthcare provider.

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