Dr. Megan-Marie's mission is to elevate women’s wellness and health initiatives through mindfully designed luxury jewelry.

She is currently leveraging her doctoral musculoskeletal expertise and Functional Medicine education, as well as her beautifully growing network of medical peers, organizations, and health-minded Ambassadors to educate, empower, and serve women around the world.

Because women who are healthy, empowered, and supported.. heal the world.


Dr. Megan-Marie's vision is to be the brand that connects luxury with philanthropy, by teaming up with individuals and organizations with honorable missions.

Her goal is to collaborate with hundreds of organizations and individuals on jewelry pieces in the next several years, where sales of each design raise funds and give back to their respective initiatives.

Individuals and organizations looking to collaborate with Megan-Marie's mission, please apply here for partnership opportunities.

A Word From Dr. Megan-Marie