I'm Dr. Megan-Marie

Integrative Doctor in Physical Therapy + Philanthropic Jewelry Designer

I'm a Sports and Women's Health Physical Therapist, functional medicine clinician, and philanthropic fine jewelry designer.

I work privately with clients each week while spending my free time expanding my jewelry partnerships. I help others live well through one-on-one services, and through designing sweat-safe jewelry that gives back.



To work together on full body health in Jersey City, NYC, or virtually, see my healthcare website for more details on:

  • Treating injuries, recurring pain, pelvic issues, etc.
  • Laboratory testing for gut, hormones, inflammation, etc.
  • Movement for flexibility, nervous system, balance, etc.
  • Strength, cardio, fitness, etc.
  • Advising for wellness, health, clarity, etc.
megan@meganmariept.com | meganmariept.com | 415-579-1677
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Jewelry That Gives Back

I design high quality, sustainable jewelry that you can sweat and live in. As a healthcare provider, sweat lover, and minimalist, my pieces are intentionally simple, timeless, and made of solid 14k gold and real diamonds.

A portion of your purchases are donated to women's health research initiatives, so you can feel good about the jewelry you wear.

megan@megan-marie.com | megan-marie.com | 415-579-1677
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