Love Letter Bracelet

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The Love Letter is something I came up with for those who love a little secret. I really love anything with meaning, but sometimes I don't want it to be so obvious. So, each bar represents one letter in Morse Code. Showcase your dainty Love Letter completely solo, or layer it up!

Each embedded diamond represents a dot, and each wrap-around indentation represents a line. As a result, each letter and price will be a little different. 

It made-to-order in 14k yellow gold and 7" long. For another length, karat, or color not listed, please inquire with me here.

For letters not listed, select “Get A Quote” and include the letter in the notes section at checkout! I will add letters to the shop as they're made.

All jewelry is made-to-order for you. Kindly allow 2-4 weeks for production.